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    What is Accelerated Reader?
    Learn all about Accelerated Reader by turning up the volume on your computer and viewing this presentation: 
    Or, if do not have access to Power Point, please view this written guide:


    is an amazing app that displays AR information simply by scanning a book’s ISBN number! Users may use it to create lists
    that may then be shared via emailed or text. 
    The app also offers easy access to arbookfind.com. The app is $1.99.
    Accelerated Reader Tests
    When having your children take an AR test, please make sure that they choose an environment that is conducive to their success. Students have options when it comes to where they can take an AR test, and for most students the optimum place would be their classroom or in the lab before school.
    AR test scores are final, and tests can not be retaken or deleted.
    View your child's progress in AR
       Look up one of the 110,000 quizzes to which we have access,
    or find out how many words a book contains
    Thanks to our PTO, we are able to distribute dog tags as part of a school-wide incentive program!  
    Dog Tag Point Reward Program





    10, 25, 50, 100, 125, 175, 200, 225




    A medallion is awarded at 500 points, and a trophy at 1000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 points.