• Supplies  
    If you would like to donate to the class
    the following items are always useful
    and greatly appreciated:
    * 1" White Binder (clear pocket cover) 3-ring binder
    *5 Tab with pocket dividers 
    * 1 spiral notebook
    *Pencil Box (to fit in desk)
    *1 pair of student-sized scissors
    *Rubber erasers
    *1 package of glue sticks
    *One set of colored pencils and markers
    *2 Expo markers and eraser (or an old sock works great as a whiteboard eraser)
    *#2 Pencils (Please no mechanical pencils) - Ticonderoga brand sharpens the best

    Extra items that are greatly appreciated! :) 

    *EXPO Markers (all colors)

    *Sharpies (any colors)

    *Boxes of Kleenex

    *Packages of white index cards


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