• Patterson: Classic & CTA
    Two choices, one school...


    studentsAt Patterson, families have the option of having students in one of two very unique programs.  One is "Classic" Patterson, and the other CTA Patterson.  

    "Classic" Patterson, is just what you think, classic education.  The way it is taught in most Chandler schools.  Students are challenged to learn all their district, state, and federal standards, in a fun, safe environment, by our highly experienced staff.

    CTA Patterson, is a popular CUSD program, also named Chandler Traditional Academy.  In CTA Patterson, students will be taught in a more "Traditional" format.  Classroom seating is arranged in rows, facing a teacher with much more teacher-directed learning.  Students will be instructed using Spalding and Saxon materials. 

    stduentsCUSD has 4 other sites (CTA Goodman, CTA Liberty, CTA Freedom, CTA Independence) within our school district that offer CTA, but at those 4 sites the entire school uses the CTA method.  Here at Patterson, CTA is coupled on the same campus with the "Classic" model, allowing parents the choices (CTA or Classic) they need to help each individual child reach their fullest potential.