Fifth and Sixth graders are welcome to sign up 

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    Battle of the Books



    What is Battle of the Books? Students must read and become very familiar with 12 novels selected by the public library. A competition is held 3 times each year. At each competition, teams from the same school compete to win the battle by answering questions in each of two rounds.


    In the first round (or phase), each team is told about an event from one of the books.   The spokesperson from the team, after conferring with the team, must tell the judge the EXACT name of the book and the author’s name.


    In the second round (or phase), each team must answer open ended questions correctly.


    Points are awarded for each question scored correctly. At the end of all 3 battles, the team that scores the most points goes on to the City Championship. The top three teams from the City Championship go to the Regional Championship.


    Who can participate? Any 5th or 6th grader. This is voluntary. You do not have to participate.


    When are the battles? This is a commitment. You will greatly let down your team if you cannot be present on any of these dates:


    Battle 1 is on a date TBD shortly after fall break

    Battle 2 is on a date TBD shortly after winter break

    Battle 3 is on a date TBD shortly after spring break

    • city and regional battles may be added in April and May


    Battle of the Books



    1. Look at the list of books and the battle dates. Ask yourself if you can commit to reading all of the books and being at school on those dates.


    1. Teams should have 3 members. This is a commitment. You will let down your team and your friends if you drop out. You may not add another member after the first battle has begun, unless a member moves.
      • Choose your team members carefully.
      • One member of your team needs to be the spokesperson (the person answering the questions at the battles- you can take turns by each taking a battle)


    1. Have your parents sign the permission slip.  Click to open Permission Slip 


    1. After all team members have their permission slips signed, sign your team up in the library by Friday, August 17. All members will need to turn in their permission slips as a team. If you are considering joining a team please begin reading a book from the list now.
      • We have 15-25 copies of each book. You can always purchase your own or check them out from a public library.


    1. Start Reading.
    • Take notes to help you remember the story. You may use Post-it notes to write on throughout your reading. (do not write in books)
    • Make up your own questions to quiz your team on.


    Other information:

    • We will go over the rules again the week of the battle. Questions? Contact hufford.michelle@cusd80.com