• We are excited to announce our plans for Running Club during the 2020-21 school year. This extracurricular activity typically experiences some of our highest participation levels among all grades (K-6), and it is important that we continue to provide this healthy opportunity for our students especially during these uncertain times. Health and safety are at the forefront of this decision-making process. We are proceeding cautiously given our current metrics, which are reviewed weekly, with the understanding that student participation in physical activity is important while balancing it with our safety mitigation efforts.


    Running club, at our elementary campuses, is scheduled to begin in early November as a virtual club. Students wishing to participate will plan a safe running route at home with the help of their parent/guardian. Running club coaches will provide guidance to families in designing a safe running route and details on tracking distance and times in a Running Club Log. Each campus will incorporate the following into their procedures for the implementation of the virtual running club experience. 

    • o Participants will complete the Running Club permission slip required for participation.
    • o Participants will determine the safe running route and routine for your child with guidance and direction from their Running Club coach and parents.
    • o Participants will be given access to and directions for completing their Running Club Log.
    • o Weekly coaching will be provided by the Running Club coach.
    • o No activity fee will be charged for participation while the club remains virtual.

    Both school and district administration will continue to meet and plan for third quarter based on updated metric data. Typically, during this time runners would compete in large Running Club meets against runners from several other schools. At this time, alternatives are being considered to allow for safe competition in a smaller format. The final plan for third quarter Running Club will be communicated to families prior to the end to second quarter. We look forward to providing this opportunity for our elementary students to continue the focus on healthy exercise and activity while also maintaining appropriate safety measures.


    Please fill out one form for each participating child. 

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Last Modified on October 19, 2020