• Kross Suggested School Supplies

    Chandler Unified School District provides all students with the basic school supplies; however, I have found the following items to be beneficial when teaching students important organizational and study skills.  Donations of any of the below listed items for the use in our classroom is greatly appreciated.  The beginning of school sales are fantastic!!  I try to stock up so when students need replacement pencils, paper, etc. mid-year, I have some on hand.


    These items are used daily and students need to have their own: 


    • 5 folders (2 pockets with prongs in the middle)
    • 5 spiral single subject notebooks (wide ruled)
      • If you can try to match same colored folders and notebooks with subjects, that would help –for example, red folder and notebook for reading
    • Lined writing paper (wide ruled - 3 hole punched preferred)
    • #2 pencils - if mechanical, please supply lead
    • Eraser(s)
    • Pens (blue and red)
    • Highlighter(s)
    • Pencil pouch –(due to limited desk space, I have found the soft sided ones fit better in the desks than the hard boxes.
    • USB Headphones


    If you are able to donate any of the following to our classroom it would be greatly appreciated. 


    • Markers (washable)
    • Scissors
    • Kleenex (we go through many boxes each year)
Last Modified on July 22, 2019