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  • Dear Patterson Pride Families:

    Charlotte Patterson Elementary Library/Media Center is pleased to continue our very successful Birthday Book Club. We have had such a great response that we are proud to continue building our Patterson Library.

    For those students that wish to participate, student birthdays will be celebrated in the Library once a quarter. It is designed to engage students in the joy of reading, support the growth of our library, and celebrate the special day of participating students at Patterson.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    1) Student donates $20 to allow the library to purchase a new library-bound book from one of our approved vendors

    2) Student participates in birthday celebration

    3) Student selects from a group of pre-purchased books to donate to the library

    4) Student placard is placed inside book recognizing donation

    5) Student is first to check out newly donated book

    6) Donated book becomes part of Patterson Library in honor of your child!

    Students will bring home an invitation in the month prior to their celebration date so families will be alerted. Invitations are also available on the media center website. If parents choose to make a minimum $20 donation (more is always welcome), the child will participate in the Birthday Book Club Celebration. At the party, he/she will choose from a selection of new books selected by Ms. Hufford and Mrs. Giordano. A placard is then permanently affixed to the inside cover of the book with your child’s name acknowledging his/her contribution to the Patterson Library. Your child will be the first to check out this book! Once the book is returned, it will be added to our Library for all to enjoy. 

    Notes: $20 is the average price for a “library bound” book, which includes a reinforced binding for the high volume of library checkouts, plus books come with spine labels, barcodes, and Patterson identifiers. Books are pre-purchases and pre-selected by library staff and teacher, using Arizona Career and College Readiness Book Lists, award lists such as Caldecott, Newberry, Coretta Scott-King, and Grand Canyon Award Lists, and best-selling books from Scholastic, Barnes & Noble, and New York Times Bestseller lists.

    When will we celebrate?? *** Due to Covid and volunteer protocals, dates are subject to possible change or cancellation ***


    Student’s Birthday Month

    Turn in Paperwork by:

    Click to print off an invitation

    Celebration Date: (Friday)


     Sept. 12, 2023

    Sept. 15, 2023


     Dec. 5, 2023

    Dec. 8, 2023


     Jan. 23, 2024

    Jan. 26, 2024


     April 16, 2024

    April 19, 2024