• A Letter From Ms. Hale

    Dear Parents,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for volunteering at our school. Adults who are involved and engaged in their children’s school feel more connected and their children show greater success. Please read and sign the attached Volunteer Information Form, which is required by the district each year.  Each member of your family who will be volunteering or chaperoning a field trip will need to have one on file with the office. 

    Please keep these important rules in mind when you come to volunteer:


    In order to maintain a professional atmosphere where students are safe to work, learn, and play at their own levels, it is essential that we keep all observations confidential.  It is a violation of FERPA (Federal Education Right Privacy Act) to share private information about any student with other people. 

    Workroom Rules

    The middle copier in the workroom is for copying twenty copies or less only.  The RISO machines are for copying twenty or more copies.  Please follow these guidelines, as the copier is not equipped to handle as much volume as the RISO machines. 

    Due to the teacher’s limited preparation time, we ask that you allow teachers access to machines if they come in while you are working.    

    We ask that you do not bring children into the workroom while you work due to liability issues.

    Dress Code

    As a volunteer, we would like to ask that you follow the same dress code as our staff and students.

    1. Clothing shall be clean and appropriate for school wear.
    2. Fishnet, see-through athletic jerseys, short shorts, bare midriffs, halter tops, tube-tops, spaghetti straps,

          strapless and low-cut tops are not appropriate school dress.  Tank tops should have well fitted armholes

          and not gap or hang loosely.  Straps should be 2 inches wide.  No undergarments should be visible.

    1. Monogrammed shirts that advertise illegal substances for minors or have inappropriate language printed on them are not allowed.
    2. Please dress in a manner that is not distracting and promotes an environment that is conducive to learning.

    Take the lead of the teacher. They will guide you in how to be of the most help. Please follow their recommendations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our volunteer policies.  Again, I thank you for your continued support of Tarwater and the positive example you are showing our students. 


     Diane Hale


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    Volunteer Form

    Download the Volunteer Form Here

    Download Overview of Pertinent Policies and Procedures

Last Modified on September 6, 2019