This is the current spelling list. It is updated weekly. We take a pre-test every Monday (afterwards you self-correct in order to determine what words you may need to spend more time studying).  Take home the pre-test.  
    April 29th: Review List:
    defend  relay  habit   student  moment  divide  famous   recent  silver   capture  poster  secret   whether  author  rocket   monster   settle  turtle  athlete  kingdom
    Challenge: pirate  predict  disturb  harmless  standard
    Homework: Mentally practice each word 2 times each and complete a chore for someone in your house (signature on it in your planner). 
    May 6th:
    enter   banner  sugar   shower   motor   collar   labor    finger   mirror   beggar   favor   bother   fever  doctor   temper   actor  polar   sweater   traitor   whenever
    Challenge: armor   partner   circular   meteor
    Homework: 10 sentences, 10 defs and 2 times each. Due Friday.
    May 13th:
    title   towel   battle   coastal    metal   simple   eagle   special   total   trouble   nickel   gentle   barrel   model   untangle   ankle   marvel  juggle   squirrel   riddle
    Challenge: signal   fossil   quarrel  article
    Homework: 20 sentences with 2 times each or 20 defs with 2 times each
    Last spelling set of 4th grade:
    recess   friends   Stanley   Opal   perfect   tonto   learn   Sparkle   memories  Tribes  absent  Joey  Molly   Howard  summer
    Challenge: quarter   semester   remember   favorite   important
    Homework: A two to three paragraph detailed reflection of your 4th grade experience. Try to use all or most of the spelling words in it. Due Thursday. 
    **You don't have to do the Challenge words for any homework. However, study them for the test-if you miss them, they will not count against you, if you spell them correctly, you earn extra points. They are also a part of Sparkle (we play two rounds for every spelling test-everyone plays in the first round, the second round is optional to play). 


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