This is the current spelling list. It is updated weekly. We take a pre-test every Monday (afterwards you self-correct in order to determine what words you may need to spend more time studying).  Take home the pre-test.  
    Pre-Turkey Week list (November 13th):
    holiday  restful  thankful  television  relatives  cranberries  relax  novel  exercise  November  fortunate  potluck  product  perfect  theme
    Bonus words: cornucopia  turducken  sweet potatoes  half time   drumstick 
    Homework: 15 sentences and 15 definitions due Friday. 
    Week of November 27th: More words ending in ed or ing:
    wiped  covered   mapped  pleasing  slipped  putting  traveled  seeking   visiting  mixed  shipped  phoning  offered  smelling  hiking  checking  fainted   landed  becoming  wandering 
    Challenge: honored  modeling  securing  shuddered  spinning
    Homework: 20 defs, 20 sentences, 3 times each, Parent sig that you studied: Choose any 2. 
    Week of December 4th:
    turkey  lonely   colony  steady   hungry  hockey  starry  melody  movie  duty  drowsy  chimney  plenty  daily   alley  fifty  empty  injury  prairie
    Challenge: pleasing   eerie  angry  offered   routine
    Homework: Any two of 20 defs, 20 sentences, 3 times each, Parent sig that you studied. 
    Week of December 11th: Review List:
    allowed  aloud  pedal  peddle  traveled  mixed  shipped  phoning  smelling  wandering  lonely  colony   hungry  chimney  empty  fifty  rain  reign  manor  manner
    Challenge: stationery  equaled  admitted  modeling  refugees
    Homework: Study nightly, do some chores and do something nice for a family member!
    Week of December 18th: Winter and misc:
    cozy  holiday  vacation  Freddy  limburger  perfection  fear  weird  enjoy  goal  family  snowstorm  fireplace  lozenge  peanut butter  sunflower  Stanley  spigot  novel  movie
    Challenge: chimney  sledding  winter  quarter  January
    Homework: 10 sentences and 10 pictures OR 20 sentences OR 20 definitions. Due Thursday
    **You don't have to do the Challenge words for any homework. However, study them for the test-if you miss them, they will not count against you, if you spell them correctly, you earn extra points. They are also a part of Sparkle (we play two rounds for every spelling test-everyone plays in the first round, the second round is optional to play). 




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