• 1. When is homework due?    I do not assign packets for homework. You will use CUSD Planners to keep track of homework due dates (plus everything will be listed on my website by 4:30 p.m. on Mondays).  
     Spelling homework is usually due on Fridays. If you are in my math rotation class, Weekly Challenges are due every Friday. GO Math is usually due within two days. Homework is due at 8:40 a.m (if it is not completed by 8:40, students can complete the homework on their own at lunch recess OR if it's still not completed, they can complete it during pm recess). Also see "Standard Weekly Assignments" which reflects homework expectations. *All homework is listed on my website by 4:30 pm Monday. Plus you will be writing the due dates in your planners. 
    2. When is lunch/recess and afternoon recess?
    Unless it is a Heat Wave Advisory or Rainy Day, lunch recess/lunch is from 12 to 12:40 p.m. Earned pm recess is 2:15 to 2:30 p.m. (positive behavior choices earns recess).   
    3. What is the easiest way to contact me?
    My school email is the best way to contact me. I am here until 3:45 p.m., but usually until at least 4:00 or so depending on the day. You may also reach me at 883-4400, ext. 4441.
    **If you must contact your child or inform them of something, I usually try to check my email right before specials at 9:15 or right before lunch at 11:55 or so.
    4. How long should students spend on homework nightly?
    District guidelines recommend 30-40 minutes a night, including reading time. If students complete homework before the time frame, here are some additional activities they can work on: practice their spelling and reading vocabulary words, teach a younger sibling or parent one of the math lessons, re-read the week's reading story and share their thoughts on the conflict, characters, climax, etc with a parent or older sibling and practice their basic math facts.
    5. How much time should students spend on a math homework page?
    The purpose of these pages are to reinforce and practice objectives learned in class. Therefore, they should be able to complete them within 20 minutes (this does not apply to the Weekly Challenges). If after 20 minutes or so they haven't completed it, then some review is necessary.  Please sign their page informing me that they have worked for 20 minutes on it. The following day we will review the page and the previous day's objectives. If necessary, small group instruction will occur for those students who may need additional help.
    6. How much time should be spent on Weekly Challenges? (Only for students in my math rotation)
    The goal of WC's is to utilize problem solving skills to critically analyze and logically explain a solution. Therefore, I expect to see 3 nights worth of work on each WC (10-15 minutes a night). In order to receive full credit, you have to convince me of your thinking, you don't necessarily have to get the correct solution (that is kind of an intrinsic bonus for you). Your solutions should be explained in detail, make sense to a family member after you have read it to them and when required, be in grammatically correct complete sentences and/or paragraphs.
    7. What is the procedure when a student is absent?
    Students will receive all missed assignments with due dates listed (the assignments will also be stamped, "Correct and Return", "Absent: Make up Work" and a "FYI" stamp). Also if you are unsure of any of the assignments, please come see me when you return and/or ask a friend about what happened in class during their absence. It is the student's responsibility to complete and return by the due date any work missed to an absence. **They also need to turn in any assignments that were due on the date they were absent.
    8. If necessary, what time of the day is best to check out my student for various doctor's appointments, personal obligations, etc?
    Although I try to utilize every minute of the school day, I realize that life happens. First, please be sure to sign them out and in (if returning) at the front desk if they have to leave for any reason. If possible, any time between 1030 and 1240 since half that time is for lunch. However whatever time they are gone, they will be given any missed assignments the next day. They should also check the Homework section to see what's due when they return.
    **9. Does Homework count towards their overall grade?
     CUSD's policy is that homework does not average into student's grades. Homework is assessed and entered into Infinite Campus (When an assignment is marked Missing, it means that even after the due date and trying to complete the assignment at pm recess, the student still did not complete it). What students are completing for homework reflects what they will be learning in class (thus if they are not completing vocabulary, spelling, and/or math pages, their overall class grades will be affected since they are not practicing what they are learning). 

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Last Modified on August 13, 2019