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    Please let me know if you have any questions on any of this information. 
    CUSD STUDENT PLANNERS: This is a very important organizational tool. Each day, students will be required to write any homework/classwork or school information in their planners.  Students are expected to take their planners to their math classroom. 
    **Please sign it every Thursday.
    Reading: Houghton Mifflin Journeys (online student access). Using text evidence towards comprehension, analyzing text to learn focus skills, close reading strategies, book projects (4)
    Language Arts: Narrative, opinion, persuasive writing and grammar 
    Math: GO Math (online access).
    Social Science: physical/life, energy and magnetism, Ancient Civilizations, American Indians, European Explorers and Colonization. 
    883-4400, ext. 4441
    yontez.steve@cusd80.com(Quickest way to contact me).
    **Basha website: Weekly homework listed by 4:30 on Mondays
    Register for SchoolWires to receive electronic school updates:

    GRADES: In class assignments and tests/quizzes. ***Homework does not count as any part of a grade average. However, completing homework reinforces learning objectives that are on in-class assignments and tests/quizzes.

                A = 90% - 100%                                B = 80 - 89%

                C = 70% - 79%                                  D = 60 - 69%  

                Below 70% (Students have an opportunity to resubmit tests in order to earn a higher average of two scores. *The work is stamped “Correct and Return”, “Parent Signature” and is due within two school days).

                **I update Infinite Campus (IC) every week by Wednesday. **IC is the main communication in regards to academic progress. Homework will be in IC, but it does not count as any part of a grade average.

    *If there is a family emergency or life was just too hectic one evening, late assignments will be accepted (please email or write note in the planner). If your child is absent, they will receive any missing assignments with the due date. Email me or Gina Chismar in the front office to notify us of your child’s absence.    

    *Assignments (in class, tests/quizzes) marked Missing in IC: Not turned in by due date or absent work (once submitted by the due date and graded, changes will be made in IC). Missing class assignments affect grade averages (missing homework assignments will not affect grade average, but again, see above***).  

     Procedures/policies so that everyone can succeed.
    HOMEWORK POLICY     CUSD recommends 30-40 minutes a night for 4th grade.

    All homework assignments are due at 8:40 a.m. If any assignment is not completed by 8:40 a.m., students can use lunch or afternoon recess to complete the assignment.  If they do not turn in the homework after afternoon recess, the assignment is considered missing. *If assignment(s) cannot be completed due to an emergency or busy night, please send email or a note. Homework does not count as a grade. However if homework is not being completed, in class assignments/tests (which reflect the homework) will probably reflect a lower average.  


    The Constitution of Room 41
    We the students of room 41, in order to form a more perfect classroom community, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution for Room 41.

    Article 1: Raise your hand for any questions/comments.      

    Article 2: Keep all body parts/items to yourself.     

    Article 3:  Face Forward to Focus.   

    Article 4:  Respect each other when speaking.     

    Article 5: Own your Learning.

    Article 6: Show PRIDE in the PACK! 
    Personal sense of Pride in the PACK (positive, achieving, compassionate kids)
    PAW award

    1.     Verbal warning

    2. Loss of afternoon recess minutes (5, 10)   

    3.     Loss of one afternoon recess.       

    4. Depending on continued behavior choices: time out (s), parent email, Misconduct Ticket with loss of one lunch recess, office referral.  


    **Depening on behavior that disrupts and/or disrespects the educational environment of our classroom, some of these steps may be skipped as appropriate. 


    QUARTER      TITLE                                                DATE ASSIGNED     DUE DATE

    1. 1st                           Poster Project                           August 2nd              September 10th (realistic fiction or mystery)

                                       Project commercial                                                   September 22nd 

    2. 2nd                          Movie Madness                         October 25th         December 10th (book adapted into a movie)

    3. 3rd                          Mini-book                                  January 10th          February 18th

                                        Project commercial                                                   March 2nd      

    4. 4th                          Cereal Project                           April 4th                 May 13th  (Your choice)

                                        Cereal commercial                                                    May 20th

    Students have six weeks to complete each project. I do not require students to complete a nightly reading log; instead I encourage daily reading of a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. I have a classroom library that students can choose from, as well as, books from the school library, public libraries, online sources and of course books from home that they have not previously read. When/if students review and complete an assignment and there is time remaining, they should be reading a book that they have chosen for a book project or for the pure pleasure of reading a book.  
    Students will receive a detailed explanation of the requirements of each project. These will be posted on my website as each one is assigned.
    The book report books should be chapter books (at least a 3rd grade reading level, exceptions can be made in certain circumstances).

    As a class, we will be reading: "Because of Winn Dixie","Holes", "The Kid in the Red Jacket and "Freddy and the French Fries" and "Frindle."   These cannot be used for any of the book projects since we will be completing in class activities for them.

    Standard Weekly Assignments: CUSD recommends 30-40 minutes a night for 4th graders.
    Math:  Only for those students who are in my Math Rotation Class.
    • Weekly Challenges (only if your child is in my math rotation) are explained/assigned on Monday and due on Friday. Students do not have to get the correct answer for Weekly Challenges. However, they have to logically explain and support their solutions in grammatically correct sentences when applicable. Please show all trial and error work (I want to see your thinking!).  
    • One to two practice pages per week from GO Math workbooks (online access) or sometimes other sources. These are explained in class and usually due in two days. Objective: reinforce concepts taught in class. *The 20-30 minute/review rule (will explain). 
    Reading/Language Arts:
    • Three Square Vocabulary Builders: These are started in class on Mondays or Tuesdays, due on FridaysObjective: apply knowledge of new vocabulary (from the stories in Journeys textbook) toward reading comprehension and incorporate the words into verbal/written vocabulary. 
    • Two to three homework assignments a week (lists are posted on my website and they have it from their Reader's Notebook-online access). Due on Fridays. Students can choose to work ahead of schedule on these (I post several weeks on my website), as long as they are turned in on the due date.
      Objective: correctly spell and incorporate the words into their verbal and written vocabulary.
    Homework does not count as a grade, it is to practice what they are learning in class. I enter Homework "grades" into Infinte Campus to inform you of how well they are comprehending certain math concepts and to inform you of missing or incomplete homework. 
    **If students run out of time to complete work in class then the assignment is due the following day. It is the student's responsibility to return these assignments.   
    Every day, after pm recess, all the assignments on the Homework Board are explained (the week's assignments are also listed on my webpage by 4:30 p.m. Monday). Students receive any assignments we didn't start in class at the end of the day. I also post a printed copy of the week's homework on a whiteboard.
    Dear parent,
    Please take the time to review this information with your student. If you have any questions concerning any of the material, please contact me at my district email yontez.steve@cusd80.com


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