Movie Madness has five sections.  You must choose a book that was made into a movie, not the other way around.


    Spelling, grammar and punctuation are worth 10 possible points.


    **Pre-approval is DUE November 3rd: PROJECT  DUE 12/8


    *Each section HAS TO BE either word-processed or written neatly.


    *Please title each section (except #2) exactly as I have done.  


    1.  Compare and Contrast: You will write 2 paragraphs that compare and contrast the book from the movie.  For example, what are the similarities (comparisons) in both the book and the movie? Describe the differences (contrasts) in the movie compared to the book.               10 possible points

    IDEAS:  You could compare and contrast the beginning or ending of the books/movies. You could also describe how a scene from the book was done differently in the movie.  **If can’t view movie, have alternative directions.


    2.  Movie Poster: You are going to design a new poster for the book/movie.

              It will include: 

    • The title of the movie, the name of the director (that’s you), who is starring in it, when it’s opening and where.   
    • Two color illustrations based on the book.              2 points
    • Three to four word descriptive headline of the book/movie.  3
    • One paragraph description of the movie.                5
    • The poster can be on a piece of construction paper, a piece of copypaper or a small sized poster board (it is only one part of the project). 


    3.  Hollywood Interview: Pretend that you are a Hollywood news reporter interviewing the actor that will be playing the book’s main character.   You will:

    • Write five complete sentence questions that you would ask the actor playing the main character.                        5
    • Write five complete sentence responses to those questions that you think the main character would give.                5


    4.  The Soundtrack: You are going to design a new soundtrack for the movie (ask your family members for suggestions).

    • List the names of at least five bands or singers and/or the names of their songs that you think would fit into the movie.        
    • Write one paragraph (not a paragraph for each song) that describes why you think the music fits into the movie or reflects what is going on in a certain scene. 5


    5.  The Sequel: Imagine that the first movie based on your book was a success.  Now you are going to predict what would happen if there was a sequel to your book.  Describe what happens in the sequel. 

    Write one to two paragraphs that describe the sequel to either the book or the movie.  Include the setting, which characters from the first book are in the movie or create new characters. 10 pts

    55 possible points in R and W

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