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    Comparison Between Neighborhood School and CTA


    Neighborhood School

    Similar to other CUSD schools

    CTA - Liberty

    Chandler Traditional Academy

    Similar Areas

    for both programs


    ·   District Standard Report Card


    ·   School Dress Code


    ·   Room set up varies by teacher


    ·   State Standards are taught


    ·   Reading – Harcourt


    ·   Math – Scott Foresman (Pearson)


    ·   Handwriting – D’Nealian


    ·   Instructional strategies may vary by teacher - including whole & small group, centers, & cooperative learning


    ·   Homework policy (M-Th)  

    Kinder................. 10-15min

    1st & 2nd ........... 10-25min

    3rd & 4th ............ 20-30min

    5th & 6th ............ 30-50min


    ·   Neighborhood and Open Enrollment procedures


    ·   Band and Orchestra offered during the school day


    ·   Busing may be offered


    ·   May offer CATS program


    ·   CTA Report Card


    ·   Prescribed uniform dress


    ·   Desks face front of room


    ·   State Standards are taught


    ·   Reading – Spalding & Open Court


    ·   Math – Saxon – 1 year ahead


    ·   Handwriting – Spalding


    ·   Primarily whole-group direct instruction


    ·   Homework policy (M-Th) 

    Kinder.................. 15-30min

    1st & 2nd............. 15-30min

    3rd & 4th ............. 25-40min

    5th & 6th ............. 40-60min

    (Long term projects/reports for

    upper grades are completed independently.)


    ·   Spalding training for teachers


    ·   CTA enrollment - lottery based on priority


    ·   Band and Orchestra before school


    ·   Limited busing


    ·   Accelerated program, not a CATS program


    ·    School-wide discipline policy

    ·    Students are at variety of skill levels

    ·    Kids Express

    ·    Science and Social Studies materials

    ·    Character Counts

    ·    Thinking Maps

    ·    AR (Accelerated Reader)

    ·    DIBELS/Progress Monitoring

    ·    Specials - PE, Music, Library, & Technology

    ·    District Benchmarks

    ·    Special Educ. Services

    ·    ELL (English Learners)

    ·    Technology in classrooms

    ·    Tutoring

    ·    Art Masterpiece

    ·    Junior Achievement

    ·    Field Trips

    ·    Meet the Teacher and Curriculum Nights

    ·    Science Fair

    ·   Before & After School Clubs (i.e. Running, Chorus)

    ·    Student Council

    ·    Battle of the Books

    ·    Spelling Bee

    ·    PTO/Site Council/Dads Club

    ·    Newsletters

    ·    Mid-Term Progress Reports

    ·    Assemblies

    How do Charter and District schools differ?





    Charter schools are private corporations, either non-profit or for-profit organizations, required to register and file an annual report with the Arizona Corporation Commission.




    Schools are owned and run by a public school district.



    Schools are exempt from some state laws that regulate district schools, except for funding, school reporting and public-meeting laws.




    Districts are subject to all Arizona laws.



    Non-profit schools are governed by a board of directors.  If it’s a for-profit organization, it’s by private ownership.  The governing body determines the basic policy of the school.



    Districts are governed by a publicly elected body called a school board. It has the authority to hire and fire the district superintendent and set general policies on curriculum, buildings and personnel.




    Teachers and staff are subject to some regulations, such as background checks and fingerprinting.




    Teachers are subject to state law and must be certified to be able to teach in a district school in Arizona.


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