• Supplies 
    School Supplies
    Please keep in mind that all supplies are optional.  However, students will greatly benefit from having them this school year.
    Personal Supplies...
    - 1" three ring clear view binder (the one with the clear plastic cover)
    - Zipper pencil pouch for a 3 ring binder
    - Rubber erasers (the white erasers work best)
    - Mini pencil sharpener
    Classroom Supplies...
    - Pencils (only Ticonderoga brand please, they sharpen the best)
    - Scotch tape
    - Clorox wipes
    - Kleenix (Decorated)
    - crayon or colored pencils
    FYI - the first homework assignment will require an unused tissue box. This tissue box needs to be decorated in a creative way.  It makes it more fun to blow your nose!!

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