• Attendance and Make-up Assignments:

    If you are absent, you will need to check for any notes, assignments, etc. that you missed.  It is your responsibility to check.  This also goes for assignments you received before the absence.

    You have the same number of days to make up all work missed as you were absent.  For example, if you are absent for two days, you have two days to make up the missed assignments, notes, etc.  I am available most days before and/or after school to assist you with your assignments.


    You are expected to be in your seats by the second bell of the period.  You will be marked tardy if you are not.


    Homework will be assigned on your instruction day.  Homework is an important part of your grade.  It is extremely important that all assignments are completed and turned in when due.  Your homework grade is based upon completion.

    Homework is corrected.  You are expected to make any necessary corrections on your assignments.  This is to make sure that you are correctly learning concepts.

    Students must show all work on their homework.  Unless specifically given permission to use a calculator, they may not use a calculator to complete homework.  However, they may use a calculator to check their answers. 


    Students will be required to make assessment corrections.  Corrections will usually be completed in class.  Students may use notes to make corrections.


    Students are expected to participate in daily lessons.  Participation includes:  completing notes, working on group and individual practice problems, working with partner or group, asking or answering questions, completing in-class assignments, etc.

    Missing Assignments

    To assist students in keeping up with the class and maintaining their grade, they may be required to stay after or come in before school to make up/complete any missing assignments.