These websites have games and activities to help you learn and practice your skills needed to become awesome students!!! Have fun, and keep yourself challenged.



    Math math
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    Math Flash
    Practice math facts and see if you can beat the clock with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed practice.
    Math Magician
    Practice math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and mixed operations) with timer.
    Elapsed time practice
    Ten questions to answer and self check on elapsed time.
    Elapsed Time
    Use clocks to figure out elapsed time and check your answers.
    Elapsed Time
    Matching, flash cards and concentration games to help with elapsed time.
    Elapsed Time
    Practice with a digital or analog clock how to figure out elapsed time.
    Prime and Composite Game
    Practice identifying prime and composite numbers.
    A+ Math
    Practice math facts with interactive flashcards and math games. Worksheets can be printed to practice math offline. A homework helper section to check your homework computation.
    AAA Math
    Excellent math resource for home. Choose the grade level, and an entire year's worth of math concepts is at your fingertips. This site explains concepts and provides multiple practice opportunities.
    Baseball Math
    Baseball lovers should try this one! Practice math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed practice. Levels range from easy to superbrain!!
    Cool Math
    Really cool math site!! Lessons provided on various math skills, with practice and game opportunities. What is really cool is the math dictionary which has definitions and pictures to explain many math concepts from arithmetic to algebra.
    Fraction Flag Game
    Create a flag with different fractional colored parts.
    Fraction Match
    Great easy matching game with fractions!! Matching pictures to fractions. Make sure you scroll down to read the directions.
    Fraction Match with words
    Matching fraction pictures with words.
    Math Dictionary
    A dictionary for kids in grades K-6 on unfamiliar math terms! Excellent source to get any math definition.
    Math Fact Cafe
    Printable math worksheets for many math skills (i.e., whole number computation, fractions with reducing, decimals, percents)
    Math Fact Challenge
    One minute timed tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    Great site for practicing multiplication facts.
    Practice your math facts with fun games!
    Practice calculating perimeter and area of different shapes