• Spelling and Vocabulary Words



    Spelling and Vocabulary Words

    Lesson 17

     Test on March 5th 


    1. debris- broken, scattered remains
    2. mobile- an artistic structure with parts that move easily
    3. ooze- soft watery mud, that is at the bottom of a lake or the sea
    4. salvage- to save from destruction or loss
    5. pathetic- causing feelings or pity or sorrow
    6. elated- happy and excited; overjoyed
    7. onset- a start or a beginning
    8. preliminary- coming at the beginning; coming before the main event
    9. restrain- to hold back; to keep under control
    10. leeway- an extra amount of time or space that allows some freedom
    11. quest- a hunt or search
    12. miniature- on a small scale