• Suggested 
    the words school supplies with pencils, rulers and apples  
    A box crayons (12, 16 or 24)
    A pack of markers and/or colored pencils
    A pack of #2 TICONDEROGA pencils (these sharpen the best)
    A pencil box or zipper pouch to hold supplies
    A pair of scissors 
    A ruler
    Ink Pens (any color)
    6-8- glue sticks
    4- highlighters (different colors)
    6- spiral, wire bound notebooks (any color or design)
    2-two pocket folders (any color, no prongs)
    1 pair of headphones or earbuds for personal use in class and in computer lab (please no bluetooth ones)
    Optional Supplies- Some students like to have a binder to put their stuff in.
    1- three ring binder ( 1 to 1 1/2 inch)
    1- pack of dividers for the binder
    Teacher Wish List
    Black and colored Expo dry erase markers
    TICONDEROGA Pencils (these sharpen the best)
    Paper Plates
    Hand Sanitizer
    Clorox Wipes
    Gallon size Ziplock Baggies
    Quart size Ziplock Baggies
    Sandwich size Ziplock Baggies
    Individual wrapped candy (Dum Dum suckers, Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, Lifesavers)