• Suggested Supply List 

    The following supplies are suggested for use in social studies. Please let Mrs. Redding know if you
    need to have any of the items provided for your use. If you are able to bring in extra supplies
    for class use, it is greatly appreciated.
    Social Studies Supply List:                                
    Needed for your own use in class:

    folders with pockets AND prongs. (See image below.) Students will need one folder for each quarter. 
    Folders can be paper or plastic, but must have prongs for attaching paperwork inside. 
    (It is recommended
    that students buy the folders at the start of the year and then leave extras at home until a new one is needed.
    Walmart and Target often sell these folders in packages.)
    Other than the folders, student will need the following for their own use:
    -highlighters (at least three colors) and
    -pens (red and blue) for their own use.
    should also have a USB drive available for saving computer work. 

    The following items will be provided for students to use:

    (If you want to have your own set, or would like to add to the class supplies,
    please feel free to do so.) :o)
    Colored pencils
    Colored markers (NOT "Sharpies")
    Post-it notes
    Glue sticks
    Simple, basic calculator
    "Wish List":
    If you are able to bring in extras of any of the items listed above, we would appreciate it.

    In addition to those, we can always use boxes of Kleenex/tissues, hand sanitizer, and
    isinfecting wipes for our tables.
    Thank you in advance for your help!
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