"Sound Innovations for Concert Band" Book 1
    This is the method book assigned to all 5th and 6th grade band students.  You will need to purchase a copy of this book from a local music store, or order it online.  Please be sure to order the correct version for your child's instrument.  I have included an ISBN list below for your reference.

    Flute                            9780739067222

    Clarinet                       9780739067253

    Alto Saxophone          9780739067284

    French Horn                9780739067321

    Trumpet                       9780739067314

    Trombone                    9780739067338

    Baritone (bass clef)    9780739067345

    Percussion (bell kit)*     9780739067406 

    *You will want to make sure this is the “combined percussion” book.



    Sound Innovations Online Resources

    In addition to the hard copy of our band book, students will also be using the Smartmusic online app to practice and submit assignments from their method book.  This app enables students to hear each song in the book played on their instrument, allows them to adjust the tempo, and provides real time feedback on the student's playing.  Smartmusic also enabales students to quickly check any note in a song, reminds them of the correct fingerings, and provides the correct pitch for any note they click on.  Smartmusic also helps students monitor and track their practice time throughout the week, and provides awards to students who meet certain practice goals.  Please visit our Smartmusic website for more information on creating a free account and how to get started practicing with Smartmusic.


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