6th Grade Supply List

    Printable Supply List 2019-20

    SCHOOL SUPPLIES – In order for your child to be prepared for 6th grade classes on a daily basis, we are requesting that your child have the following school supply items:

    • 6-sided pencils only (no mechanical or flexible 6-sided pencils please)
    • 1 pen, any color except black
    • 1 yellow highlighter
    • 1 unused check register (available at most banks)
    • 1- 1 ½ inch binder with inside pockets on the front and back
    • Three - 2 pocket folders (1 green, 1 blue, and 1 black)
    • 1 green wide-ruled composition notebooks
    • 2 red wide ruled composition notebooks
    • 1 black 3-subject wide-ruled spiral notebook
    • 2 blue single-subject wide-ruled spiral notebook
    • Dividers (5 in a package is ok)
    • 1 – 6" protractor
    • Colored pencils (Crayola brand preferred)
    • 1 individual glue stick (please do not send in any packages of glue sticks)
    • Dry erase marker (wide tip, low odor, black only please)
    • Earbuds (no Beats please)
    • Post-it notes
    • Library card
    • Standard calculator (square root key will be need; inexpensive)
    • Pencil box of choice (make sure it will hold all items and fit in backpack)
    • Backpack (no wheels please as they do not fit on back of student chairs or can clutter aisles)


    In support of the Spalding philosophy, students are to use #2 six-sided pencils and six-sided pens only. Please no gel pens, mechanical pencils, or smooth round pencils and pens.

    Additional items appreciated by the teacher:

    • Kleenex, Kleenex and more Kleenex J
    • Lysol or Clorox wipes
    • Dry erase markers (black only)
    • Reams of white copy paper
    • Hand sanitizer -30 oz. bottles
    • Ticonderoga pencils (they work better in the electric sharpeners)