Miss Gnadt's 7th Grade Language Arts Important Info

  • If you are looking for an electronic copy of instructions or an assignment given in class, please look on Infinite Campus. I will do my best to upload electronic copies that can be downloaded and printed in the case of an absence or just for clarification. 


    Supplies needed for Language Arts only:

    1. 1/2 inch binder (if in AVID, the tabs can be set up in that binder, there is no need for an extra one)

    2. Five pocket dividers

    3. 1 pocket folder (for graded work) 


    Students should not clean out their binders or pocket folder unless instructed to do so by Miss Gnadt.


    Late Policy: For every school day late, 10% will be taken off of the grade students would have receieved if the assignment had been turned in on time. After five days, it will become a zero in the grade book.