• 6th Grade Daniela Serna

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 2/27/2019

    Daniela Serna 6th grader

    Hello! My name is Daniela Serna and I am a sixth-grader. My first year at Liberty was in first grade. One thing I have always enjoyed is after-school activities such as choir, orchestra, safety patrol, and NEHS. Some of the achievements I am really proud of are having 10 Distinguished Honor Rolls in a row, being NEHS President, having the position of safety patrol captain on both of my shifts for more than three quarters of the year, being suitable for Gifted Chandler Academically Talented Students, and being bilingual. I will soon be going to junior high and continue writing my story and following my dream of learning French as my third language.

    “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile” – Unknown

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  • 4th Grade Travis Johnson

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 2/1/2019

    Travis Johnson 4th grade Travis Johnson, age 9, is a 4th grader who loves running. He is fluent in minion, an aspiring Go Red for Women Ambassador with the American Heart Association, has a brown belt in karate, plays baseball and football. His favorite animal is the spider monkey, and he is the Director of Droppings at the Good Care Company providing pet care services. Travis loves helping others. He recently joined the CTA Liberty Safety Patrol and is a class representative in Student Council. He is most looking forward to representing CTA Liberty in upcoming Running Club Race.

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  • DLI 1st Grade Maxine Willis

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 12/20/2018

    DLI 1st grade Maxine Willis Maxine is a first grader in Mrs. Hartwig’s first grade class. We recently caught up with the active youngster, and she answered some important questions.

    What do you love most about Liberty? I like learning about Penguins. They know when it’s safe to enter the water by watching other penguins swimming around. I also like CTA colors have my favorite color-BLUE!

    How does Mrs. Hartwig make learning fun? She does exercises to get our wiggles out called Hartwig’s Workout!

    Do you think Dr. Bader is a good principal? Why? Yes. She is helpful to all the kids.

    How is she (Dr. Bader) helpful? She comes to the lunch room and talks to us and she also helps us in the hallway.

    When you’re in reading group, how does your teacher help you with ‘hard’ words? Mrs. Duffy helps us sound-out the word and if we can’t, which never happens, then she would just tell us what the word is.

    Thank you for your time, Maxine. One last question, what is your favorite school lunch? I like cheese pizza!

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  • Kindergarten Mia Escobar

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 12/3/2018

    Mia Escobar - kindergarten Mia is the sweetest introvert with the biggest heart!  She is quiet and reserved around strangers but once she gets to know you she talks A LOT! She is always willing to share with others and puts the needs of those she loves before her own.  She loves to play quietly by herself or ‘read’ books for hours.  She loves to dance, swim, color and anything Disney.

    Mia loves being a part of the CTA Liberty family.  She loves her teacher and staff.  Most of all, she loves being at the same school as her older sister. CTA Liberty has piqued her curiosity in learning and has been a wonderful place for her to grow both academically and socially.

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  • 5th Grade Katelyn Spencer

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 11/2/2018

    Katelyn Spencer 5th Grader

    Katelyn Spencer is an energetic and kind hearted 5th grader who is always looking for ways to be helpful. She has been a CTA Liberty Eagle since kindergarten. During school hours Kate enjoys science and her responsibilities being a safety patrol officer. After school things get really exciting because Kate is a lacrosse player and an ice skater. She has always been very athletic and exceeded in many sports and fun activities such as one-handed cart wheels. We are truly blessed to have Katelyn as our daughter. 

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  • DLI 2nd Grade Max Garrison

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 10/1/2018

    2nd Grade DLI Max Garrison Max Garrison is an energetic and eager second grader in Sra. Doty’s classroom!  Even though Max is only 7 years old, he has been coming to CTA Liberty since he was a baby!  His mommy, Mrs. Garrison, teaches first grade at Liberty, and he has “grown up” at our school.  He loves being a part of the Spanish Dual Language Immersion program and absolutely adores his two teachers, Sra. Doty and Mrs. Willis.  He is starting to feel comfortable speaking to others in Spanish, and he is proud that he is learning to become literate in another language!  Outside of school, Max loves to play soccer and basketball, ride his bike, go to the movies, read Magic Treehouse books, build things in the garage with his daddy, and play games at Dave and Buster’s!  His favorite kind of food is Italian food, and he is an only child.  Max loves to play with his friends from school and his two cousins, Nick and Charlie.  He is a super smart boy with a curious and inquisitive mind.  Max means everything to his mommy and daddy!

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  • 2nd Grade Hailey Vancers

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 10/1/2018

    Hailey Vancers Hailey is really enjoying 2nd grade at CTA Liberty. She is always very happy when I pick her up and tells me about something fun they did that day. We like that although the curriculum is harder than average, her teacher always makes learning fun. CTA also has a lot of campus wide activities and events tied into learning to make it fun for the kids. Although she isn’t in the Spanish Immersion program she enjoys getting regular Spanish lessons and also loves working on the computers.

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  • DLI Third Grader Isla McMullan

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 9/10/2018

    DLI Third Grader - Isla McMullan

    Isla McMullan is an 8 year little girl that began her 3rd grade school year at a new school due to relocation from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Nerves, making new friends and a new curriculum were major concerns.  After her 1st 5 weeks, she received the Principal's Award at CTA-Liberty.  She was also highlighted as the Student of the Week in both her Spanish and English classrooms.  Isla has thrived in the Spanish language and is considered fully bilingual due to her 4 years of education with the Dual Language programs both in North Carolina and now in Arizona.  She loves helping her teachers and will continue to grow her Spanish skills during her 3rd grade year.
    Isla also loves to give back to her community.  She received a national award this summer from the Jack & Jill of America Foundation.  Isla was named the Far West Region's Children Who Inspire Us award winner and was honored during their 43rd Biennial National Convention.  She received the award for her efforts to help the homeless.  From feeding and clothing the homeless to putting together a drive with the Justa Center (an organization that transforms lives while assisting seniors (55+) to find appropriate housing, employment, and other much-needed services.) to support those seniors that are 55+ with housing supplies once they find housing.  The Jack and Jill Organization stated that, "Isla's accomplishments and commitment to serving others makes her such a wonderful young role model."  
    Finally, Isla also loves to have fun.  She is on a local swim team and she made it to the Junior Olympics this summer in the 50 yard Free style.  She loves dragons, reading graphic novels and is a budding artist.  She practices her drawing and graphic novel skills on a daily basis.  Her desire is to continue advancing her skills as an artist, swimmer and community giver during her 3rd grade year.  CTA-Liberty is a wonderful place for her to continue to grow and learn both from her teachers, her peers and the community around her.
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  • Kinder Dithya Bethi

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 5/10/2018

    Dithya Bethi Dithya has become a discipline and socialized kid. Dithya improved her hand writing and we can't believe her hand writing improved 90%. We are really satisfied now. She is now a good reader, she learned this skill completely at school. I was surprised by the way she would break words apart using phonograms and completes reading even some of the difficult words. Dithya is math geek now and when she joined in the school she knew the first twenty numbers, but now she reads over hundred and is good at addition and subtraction facts. She even completes story problem successfully without any help. She became a science kid by taking care of her plants at home after visiting field trip to Schnepf Farms. Dithya tells us all about plants, seeds, soil and pollen as well as facts about different animals and social studies topics. She knows about leaders and some of the important days in other country’s history. She talks about the government and the President. That impresses and surprises us a lot. Dithya teaches us Spanish words that she learns at school. I feel so proud she is learning one more language. Dithya has become a very good disciplined and socialized kid. Now she tells her sister about how to socialize with others and play with appropriately. Dithya has matured so much in her first year at school. Dithya is a good listener now and reader too. She is becoming good story teller. She is writing her own things to do, some simple words and drawing pictures in her small notebook. She used to carry a phone or tablet during travel and now this has changed to a note book with pencils and crayons. Dithya is now sharing and caring to everyone she meets. Whenever there is a school break, it is difficult for Dithya to miss her teacher, friends and school for 2 weeks. As Dithya’s parents, this first year of school was a completely new experience for us, but we never worried when chose CTA Liberty as her school. We really appreciate Miss Freeman and all other school staff for their service to our community and all their efforts to make our children to become next generation genius’, super kids, and the best human beings. A simple thanks is not enough, we are ready whenever our volunteer service is required so that we can give back to the community and our school.

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  • 1st Grader Anna Oakeson

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 5/10/2018

    First Grader Anna Oakeson with sister Caitlin Anna Oakeson loves the social part of 1st grade! She is the Oakeson's energetic, silly, attention seeking, people loving girl. She is also an excellent student in the first grade Spanish DLI program. Anna loves to have fun, so CTA has helped teach her some structure! Anna is currently taking piano lessons and gymnastics.

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