• Specials Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 4/1/2019

    Specials Team 2018-19

    Library - Mrs. Tollefson joined the CTA Liberty team as the Media Specialist/ Librarian in 2017-2018 after teaching at another Chandler school for 12 years.   Her passion for reading and helping students learn to read was the motivating factor in making the change.  Mrs. Tollefson loves teaching all Eagles about the power of reading, being curious, planning super fun events like Read Across America, Books Fairs, and hosting authors.

    Technology – Mrs. Whitmire has been a teacher at CTA Liberty since 2007. After teaching 4th & 5th grade for 7 years, she is excited to now be Liberty’s technology teacher. Mrs. Whitmire is devoted to teaching students tech skills and how to integrate technology into their everyday learning. In the tech lab, student learn valuable problem-solving skills & cyber safety, and can be found working in various Microsoft apps (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel) and coding.

    Music - Dalene Husky has been the music teacher and choir director at CTA Liberty since 2008 and has loved every minute of it! She teaches almost every Liberty student and loves being able to share her love of music with them. Ms. Husky enjoys developing the students’ musical literacy skills while singing songs and playing singing games from various cultures, doing listening activities, movement activities, playing instruments, and more. One of the highlights of her Monday and Thursday afternoons is to direct the very talented Voices of Liberty. Through both choir and general music, Ms. Husky looks forward to continuing the musical journey with the wonderful students here at CTA Liberty.

    P.E. - As one of the last original teachers to help open the school back in 2002, Mr. Plamondon has enjoyed teaching PE for many Liberty families - several for over a decade!  In fact, there is even a current student whose sibling went to Liberty the first year it opened!

    "Making learning and exercise fun… and changing their tomorrows," Mr. Plamondon uses various antics to motivate and reach each student where they are, encouraging all to do their very best in all activities.  He has even been known to use “special guest teachers” as well.  You might recognize some of his guest teachers on campus, like Darth Vader, “Kingpin” from Angry Birds, the “Food Ninja” (the Fruit Ninja’s brother), a Kung-Fu Master, or a Pizza Kitchen chef.  When you do, be sure to ask your child what they have been doing in PE that week!

    Dual Language Immersion - This is Sra. Nieto's first year at CTA Liberty.  She has taught throughout CUSD for the past 20 years.  She is currently teaching Spanish to Kindergartners as well as other students in 1st through 4th grade. 

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  • Fourth Grade Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 1/31/2019

    4th grade Team 2018-19

    Our team is composed of veteran teachers who have over 60 years of combined experience throughout Arizona and the Midwest.  We are excited to be working together with both the dual language and the traditional side.  #4thgraderules

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  • Kindergarten Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 12/3/2018

    Kindergarten Team 2018-19

    Kindergarten is the foundation for a child’s educational experience. Miss Freeman, Mrs. Jauregui, Mrs. Soyland, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Butters work hard to make each child’s first elementary school experience exciting and memorable. We are a well-rounded, cohesive team who are focused on making a positive impact on our students and helping them towards academic success. Our team has strong communication and organizational skills as well as great team collaboration. With this dynamic, each student is receiving a top notch education in each of our classrooms. Making learning fun and exciting is our goal and we achieve this through math and science activities with our 4th or 5th grade buddies, learning games, arts & crafts and field trips. We also love to learn through celebrations such as the 100th day of school and Dr. Seuss’ birthday. No matter which kindergarten teacher you end up with, you know you can trust us to provide your child with the very best experience here at CTA Liberty.

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  • Fifth Grade Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 11/2/2018

    5th Grade Team 2018-19















    Ms. Battani, Mrs. Hight, Ms. Miller, and Mrs. Logston are a team that are focused on student success with responsibility, study skills, and teamwork that prepares them for 6th grade and beyond.  We use our field trips to The Biosphere, and The Science Center to bring our Social Studies and Science standards to life. Other cross-curricular activities include book studies, Science Fair, poetry analysis, and technology-enhanced presentations.  Students leave 5th grade with knowledge and application skills necessary to be successful in the coming years.

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  • Second Grade Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 10/1/2018

    Second Grade Team 2018-19

    The second grade team is a powerhouse of knowledge!

    Mrs. Willis:

    Team lead, Valerie Willis has been with CTA Liberty since 2008. She has had two of her three children go through the program and continue with their academic successes at ACP-Oakland and Perry High. Mrs. Willis is a Spalding Certified teacher who has taught kindergarten, third grade (CTA and DLI), and now second grade DLI. She has a blast teaching this age as well as being part of a spunky-fun team!

    Mrs. Doty:

    Mrs. Doty became part of the CTA Liberty team in July of 2018. She is the Spanish Teacher of the Dual Language Immersion program. Her two daughters attend CUSD's Mandarin DLI program at a different school. Mrs. Doty strongly believes in teaching for bi-literacy. She is thrilled to be part of CTA Liberty.

    Ms. Walker:

    This is Ms. Walker’s second year in second grade at CTA Liberty. She loves teaching second grade. CTA Liberty reminds her so much of the school she attended as a child, and that is one of the reasons why she enjoys teaching here so much! She also enjoys second grade so much because of the students she gets to teach. They are at an age where they can really take their learning to another level and she loves to encourage and help students take that next step! You can find Ms. Walker engaged with her students reading on her bright yellow rug, playing basketball outside at recess, or working with her team to create fun curriculum for students.

     Mrs. Schmerfeld:

    Although this is only Mrs. Schmerfeld's first year teaching, she has been part of the CTA Liberty family for many years.  All six of Mrs. Schmerfeld's children have attended our school (4 are currently still here) and she has been a substitute at CTA Liberty for the last 4 years. Mrs. Schmerfeld loves teaching, she loves her class and she loves working with such a great team.

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  • Third Grade Team 2018-19

    Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 9/10/2018

    Third Grade Team 2018-19

    From left to right: Mr. Clayton, Ms. Blackwell, Mrs. O'Dell, Mrs. Mizzi
    Our third grade team is special in many ways and one of these is that we are two teams in one. For example, Mr. Clayton and Mrs. O'Dell are part of the Spalding CTA Program and Mrs. Mizzi and Ms. Blackwell are part of the DLI Program. Together our goal is the same; to provide an impeccable education to the children and families we so graciously work with.
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  • Kinder Team

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 5/10/2018

    Kinder Team: Mrs. Smool, Mrs. Butters, Mrs. Jauregui, Mrs. Hull, Miss Freeman, and Mrs. Wilson Whatever the cause, activity, celebration, or event, the kinder team is always involved and united together. We love hosting donuts with dad and muffins with mom each year. The kids get so excited to sing songs and prepare special crafts they make for their moms, dads, and/or family members, as well as enjoying a yummy donut and muffin too. Other events we make memorable for the kids are celebrating the 100th day of school and Dr. Seuss' birthday. The kids love our 100- day museum, showcasing their 100- piece collection or project and making a number line outside at the park. You know it's Dr. Seuss' birthday when the kids come dressed for school in their pj's and slippers. On this special day, we involve our families to come into the classrooms throughout the day, to read a special Dr. Seuss book for the kids to enjoy. Our end of the year celebration ceremony brings excitement for us and all our hardworking students, yet sadness since it is our time to say goodbye. Each kindergarten teacher writes a personalized certificate for each student to receive and makes a classroom slideshow and memory book for each student to keep. We invite family members to share in their child's celebration and thank them for all the support they provide to their child and to us as their teachers. We are always planning and communicating to help deliver the most effective and efficient learning in our classrooms. Our collaboration makes us not only a strong team, but helps every child be successful and work to their fullest potential. "Whatever you need to know, you learned in Kindergarten."

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  • First Grade Team

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 5/10/2018

    First Grade Team: Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Moreno, Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Hartwig Our first grade team consists of Kim Hartwig, Joy Martin, Melissa Duffy, Kristi Moreno, and Molly Garrison. We have taught over eighty years combined! First Graders get to grow in their learning of all subject matters. Their favorite themes are about butterflies and penguins. Our field trips are an extension of appreciating literature and learning animal habitats. This occurs when we attend plays based upon a story we have read and visit places such as the Odysea Aquarium.

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  • Second Grade Team

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 3/9/2018

    2nd Grade Team: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Soyland, Ms. Battani, and Ms. Walker Ms. Battani, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Soyland, and Ms. Walker are working together to build a unified school community among their students. We focus on preparing our students for the intermediate grade levels ahead. We use our district adopted curriculum to enhance our students learning. Our students learn through many different hands on activities in Social Studies and Science. We use our field trips to Superstition Farms, The Museum of Natural History, and The Botanical Gardens to bring our Social Studies and Science standards to life. We make learning fun and find ways to help the students invest in their learning. The students leave Second Grade prepared for the intermediate grade levels ahead and the academic rigor it requires.

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  • Third Grade Team

    Posted by Mary Rinne on 2/26/2018

    Liberty Third Grade Team: Sra. Gabriela Toala-Mizzi, Mrs. Valerie Willis, Mrs. Cindy O’Dell, and Mr. Robert Clayton

    Here is your third grade team: Sra. Gabriela Toala-Mizzi, Mrs. Valerie Willis, Mrs. Cindy O’Dell, and Mr. Robert Clayton. In third grade students study rocks and minerals, map skills, sentence diagraming and well written paragraphs. Third graders are fortunate enough to attend three field trips; Pioneer Village, Skateland (STEM lesson), and the Phoenix Zoo. These extensions allow students to see their studies come to life! There is much fun to be had in third grade!

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