Kendra Bauman - Occupational Therapist

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Position: Occupational Therapist
Room: A5
Phone: 480-224-3435
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Hello! My name is Kendra Bauman. This is my 20th year working as an occupational therapist and my 17th year with CUSD. I currently work with students in the priority preschool program at Riggs as well as students at Riggs Elem., Auxier Elem., and Payne Junior High. Working with children truly is my passion.

My Education and Professional Background

I completed the occupational therapy program at Western Michigan I completed the occupational therapy program at Western Michigan University followed by an internship with Mesa Public Schools and a rotation at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center on the spinal cord injury unit. While attending school I was focused on pursuing working in a stroke rehab. center, however, as I approach my 20th year as a pediatric OT I cannot imagine a more rewarding setting. I have enjoyed working in the schools, clinics and home health arenas.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe the children are our future... with love, nurture and support in the school and home environment children will become the future of our tomorrow. It is amazing what the mind of child can dream of and accomplish if they know they are supported by their school staff and parents.

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