• Riggs Running Club 2019-2020
    Awards Breakfast 
    Friday, Feb 28
    7:15 am in the MPR
    Bring a box of doughnuts or Juice boxes to share!
    Yearbook photo at 7:30 a.m. 
    Awards to follow!
     Whoop Whoop!!!! It's that time of year again!!!

    Our first practice will be Tuesday, November 5th at 7:15 a.m. and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday morning through February.




    Students are encouraged to run until 8:05. Breakfast can be purchased from the cafe at 8:15.

     We will still be awarding Running Club necklaces and feet at the end of the season this year.
    (That way we don't lose our necklace and have nowhere to put the feet we recieve every month)
    We will be in need helpers at our practices.
    If you would like to volunteer your time please email me at



    Frequently Asked Questions....

    Do all Running Club members get to run at District Races?

    YES!  The district races at Tumbleweed Park are for ALL Running Club members.  There will be 2-3 competitions that we will have been preparing for since November.  When you initially signed up your runner for Running Club, this automatically entered your runner for the 2-3 district races.

    What do runners wear the day of the race?

    Runners can wear their RUNNING CLUB TEAM SHIRT to school on district race days. 

    Tennis Shoes Tennis Shoes Tennis Shoes!!!!

    Bottoms/pants still need to be dress code appropriate. 

    Where is Tumbleweed Park and where do I park?

    Parents provide transportation for their runner to Tumbleweed Park (McQueen and Germann).  Basically take the Loop 202 and exit on McQueen.  Head south (ie. take a left off the freeway) toward Germann and then turn west on Germann (ie. take a right on Germann).  Stay on Germann til you come to Hamilton St. PAST the Tumbleweed Rec Center.  At Hamilton St., turn left into a giant parking lot.  Park and meet our team near the large grassy field/ramadas (this area is between the Rec Center and the parking lot).

    What time do I need to be at the park?

    Please try to arrive at Tumbleweed Park by 3:30 pm OR EARLIER.  Coach Torres will be greeting and leading warm-up exercises on the grassy field near the ramada area prior to the race.  The race starts promptly at 3:45pm!

    What’s the general race procedure?

    Once the majority of the students are there, students will start lining up by grade level…similar to what I do at the start of run club. (6th grade boys, 6th grade girls, 5th grade boys…etc.).  The kids will be released by their gender and grade level in waves so kids aren’t running all over each other!  It’s a 1.5 mile course thru the park.  The runners will return toward the field area toward the end of the race…thus parents can wait near the ramadas/fields for their runner to return.

    Boys and Girls Chute

    As you near the finish line, remember…BOYS to the LEFT, GIRLS to the RIGHT (runners need to start positioning themselves toward the left or right side PRIOR to nearing the flags!!).  Once you enter the “flag”area, stay in line in the order you entered.  Your yellow race card should be given to the volunteer and the runner will be handed a blue or green “race number ticket.”  

    Blue and Green Race Number Ticket

    The “race number ticket” lets you know how you placed against all the other boy or girl runners at the race that day.  So for our next district race, try to improve upon the number you received at the first race!

    Boys receive a blue ticket and girls a green ticket.

    This ticket is also super important if you are one of the top 5 finishers!  We quickly check tickets of the top 5 when ribbons are presented (so don’t lose your ticket…bring it up if your name gets called!) just in case a runner’s card got mixed up.  (We did have some cards dropped in the last district race…and yes…we did use the ticket system to figure out who was supposed to be fifth place vs. sixth place!)

    After the run, runners can grab a piece of fruit to eat and some water to drink.  Awards for the top 5 boy/girl runners in each grade level then follows.  Afterward, give your runner a hug and high 5 for a job well done and head on home!

    NO MORNING PRACTICE ON RACE DAYS! We want our runners to have fresh legs for the race!  ENJOY SLEEPING IN (I WILL)!


    Tumbleweed Park Map

    Snedigar Race Map



    Thanks for your support! See you at Running Club!
    To find out about upcoming races in our community, check out the following link.