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    Preschool Program Overview 


    We believe that children learn through experience and discovery. Our goal is to prepare children to enter kindergarten with a healthy self-concept and a positive attitude toward school and learning. This is accomplished by offering age appropriate curriculum designed to develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities in our students. Since every child is unique, our preschools are designed to allow children to initiate activities that grow from personal interest and intentions. Through exploration our preschool students interact with materials, people, ideas and events. Our preschool teachers encourage active learning by providing resources, planning experiences and creating an inviting environment in which all children can learn.

    Our preschool curriculum is aligned to the Arizona Early Learning Standards, which were developed for all children 3-5 years of age. These standards serve as a guide in providing a quality program that is developmentally appropriate for each child.


    Priority Preschool

    Priority Preschool enrolls 3-5 year old children with special needs.  Priority Preschool has three sessions:
    A.M. Class: Monday, Wednesday and Friday  8:00-10:30
    P.M. Class: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  12:00-2:30
    The curriculum is developmental and hands-on with a strong emphasis on language and learning. It is designed to build a healthy self-concept and positive attitude toward school and learning. Your child will learn concepts through play, games, songs, movement and other multi-sensory activities.

    Children with Special Needs

    To be eligible as a preschool special education student, the child must have comprehensive evaluations in suspected areas of delay and meet state eligibility guidelines. Children with special needs are not required to be toilet trained to attend preschool.  Bus transportation is provided and there is no tuition required. If you live in the Chandler School District and have a concern regarding your child’s developmental level please call (480) 883-5909 for assistance.
    Community Preschool
    Community Preschool is tuition-based program taught by a certified teacher and staffed with an assistant. Class size is limited to 20 students with a 10:1 student/teacher ratio.  Our preschool programs are available to Chandler residents and non-residents as well. Parents of eligible children are required to complete a registration packet and meet all immunization requirements before the child can start preschool. Children need to be toilet trained to attend preschool. At the time of registration please bring an original birth certificate and current immunization records to the location in which you had indicated through registering your child online.
     Amy Armstrong, Priority Preschool   Jamie Kryzkowski, Pre-Kindergarten  Kristin Grimm, Preschool
    Gabrielle Larson, Pre-Kindergarten  Kristina Richey Preschool   Saira Urbina, Pre-Kindergarten


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