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    Keiko Garcia
    Grade / Subject: Resource
    Email: Garcia.Keiko@cusd80.com
    Room: Media Center      Phone: 480-883-5969
    Lizzy Percy
    Grade / Subject: Resource
    Email: Percy.Elizabeth@cusd80.com
    Room: 12      Phone: 480-883-5942
    Julia Cai
    Grade / Subject: Speech
    Email: Cai.Julia@cusd80.com
    Room: Media Office      Phone: 480-883-5901
    Maureen Mumpton
    Grade / Subject: EL
    Email: Mumpton.Maureen@cusd80.com
    Room: Media Center Office      Phone: 480-883-5928
    Darcy Zeiger
    Grade / Subject: EL
    Email: zeiger.darcy@cusd80.com
    Room: Media Office      Phone: 480-883-5928