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    Sharon Oh
    Grade / Subject: General Music
    Email: Oh.Sharon@cusd80.com
    Room: Stage, Computer Lab, Classrooms      Phone:
    Ashley Gee
    Grade / Subject: PE
    Email: Gee.Ashley@cusd80.com
    Room: PE      Phone: 480-883-5915
    Kyle Hartwig
    Grade / Subject: PE
    Email: Hartwig.Kyle@cusd80.com
    Room: PE      Phone: 480-883-5915
    Heather Dziczek
    Grade / Subject: Band
    Email: Dziczek.Heather@cusd80.com
    Room: Stage      Phone: 480-883-5924
    Lucile Kellis
    Grade / Subject: Orchestra
    Email: Kellis.Lucile@cusd80.com
    Room:       Phone:
    Kimberly Fellner
    Grade / Subject: Music
    Email: Fellner.Kimberly@cusd80.com
    Room: 14      Phone: 480-883-5912
    Rachel McDougall
    Grade / Subject: Technology
    Email: McDougall.Rachel@cusd80.com
    Room: Computer Lab      Phone: 480-883-5905