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    Welcome to Art Masterpiece at Hancock!


    Art Masterpiece is an enrichment program where volunteers use reproductions of fine works of art to promote art literacy in children. Art is an integral part of life and the Art Masterpiece Program is a chance to stimulate the students' thought, perception and imagination. In the end, students attain a greater awareness of the world around them. Volunteers, called "Art Guides", present a lesson and art activity planned for a particular grade level.

    Art Masterpiece is a successful, volunteer-based art enrichment and education program.

    Our purpose - To encourage children to appreciate all forms of art, promote art literacy, and increase students' awareness of art in the world around them, not necessarily to teach art techniques.

    Our goal - To provide art exposure and education to each elementary school student and to ensure that the awareness and appreciation of art stays alive and flourishes for the next generation.

    Art Masterpiece has been part of the curriculum at Chandler Unified School District since 1992.

    Our volunteer Art Guides facilitate six, one-hour lessons per classroom each school year.

    Art Masterpiece lessons and projects introduce the students to different artists, different styles of art, various elements of art, and principles of design. Students then conduct a hands-on activity to reinforce what was presented.

    Students are encouraged to see the work of art as an adventure and as a form of communication, not just as a decoration.

    Art Masterpiece ensures that CUSD adheres to the Arizona Academic Standards for the Visual Arts.

    Our volunteer Art Guides do not have to have an art education or educational background. All lessons, art projects, art supplies and training are provided.

    For more information, or if you have questions, please contact the school office at 480-883-5900, or email Ashley Terry, the Hancock Art Masterpiece Coordinator. ashley_terry04@yahoo.com

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