• Good Citizenship and Kindness Program

    The Goals of the Good Citizenship and Kindness Program at Hancock Elementary are:
    • To develop self-respect
    • To promote kindness and consideration
    • To practice being polite
    • To respect others' property
    • To own a sense of personal responsibility
    The students at Hancock will have increased:
    • Respect
    • Politeness
    • Friendliness
    • Peacefulness


    Zones of Regulation


    At Hancock Elementary School we are using Zones of Regulation to help our students understand their emotions (feelings) and then how to help them to manage these emotions.  We want all students to be able to do their best at school, and in order to be at our best, each of us must try to be in our GREEN Zone.  This zone is where we are in control, calm, happy, focused and feeling engaged in learning.  

    We all experience times when we are in our BLUE Zone where we are at a low level of alertness, feeling sick, tired, and bored.  We also experience being in our YELLOW Zone, where we lose alertness because of stress, frustration, too much excitement, and silliness.  Also, the 

    The RED Zone is where we are totally out of focus because of panic, fear, anger, and uncontrolled behavior. Our goal is to help our students with the management of these emotions and behaviors, so they can be in their GREEN Zone most of the time at school!  

    You can use these Zones as well at home! This is a beginning video about the Zones to help get you started: Zones of Regulation.