• Good Citizenship and Kindness Program

    The Goals of the Good Citizenship and Kindness Program at Hancock Elementary are:
    • To develop self-respect
    • To promote kindness and consideration
    • To practice being polite
    • To respect others' property
    • To own a sense of personal responsibility
    The students at Hancock will have increased:
    • Respect
    • Politeness
    • Friendliness
    • Peacefulness


    The Leader in Me





    Good Character

    • All around good effort and attitude




    Habit 1: 

    Be Proactive

    • You are a responsible person.
    • You take initiative.
    • You choose your actions, attitudes, and moods.
    •  You do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.






    Habit 2:

    Begin With the End in Mind

    • You plan ahead and set goals.
    • You do things that have meaning and make a difference.
    • You are an important part of the classroom and school.





    Habit 3: 

    Put First Things First

    • You work first, then play.
    • You spend time on things that are most important.
    • You say no to things that you should not do.
    • You set priorities, make a schedule, and follow a plan.
    • You are self-disciplined and organized.





    Habit 4:

    Think Win-Win

    • You want everyone to be a success.
    • You don’t have to put others down to get what you want.
    • When a conflict happens, you look for a third solution.
    • You believe we can all win.






    Habit 5:

    Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

    • You listen before you talk.
    • You listen to other people’s ideas and feelings.
    • You try to see things from other viewpoints.
    • You listen without interrupting.
    • You share your opinion and ideas.




    Habit 6: 


    • You know everyone is good at something.
    • You know everyone needs to get better at something.
    • You know we can all learn something from each other.
    • You know working in groups helps to create better ideas than what one person can do along.




    Habit 7: 

    Sharpen the Saw

    • You take care of your body by eating right, exercising, and getting sleep.
    • You learn in lots of ways and lots of places, not just at school.
    • You take time to help others.