Curriculum Announcements

  • 60-day review of Vista Higher Learning Spanish resources

    The Vista Higher Learning Spanish resources will be used by 6th grade Dual Language Immersion Teachers at CTA Liberty to support Spanish instruction. Additionally, the Vista Higher Learning resources will be used at Bogle and ACP Oakland to support students transitioning into junior high who are fluent in speaking Spanish (heritage speaker).

    In accordance with ARS 15-721, the curriculum will be placed on display for the 60-day public review period for comment at the Melinda Romero Instructional Resource Center starting April 23, 2020. To abide by CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing two options for the 60-day review process: 

    For interaction with the text, please follow the directions below:

    1. Access the Supersite by going to Vista Higher Learning (
    2. Login to your account, username:
    3. Enter your password: spanish20
    4. Click on the any book cover you want to review
    5. Click on Content to view activities

    Please click to send comments regarding the resources to Kim Redding (

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