3rd Grade Garden Project - 2019/2020

  • Riggs 3rd graders started a gardening project to promote healthy choices. Research shows school gardens have a positive impact on student learning, health, and nutrition. They teach good eating habits, science, math, and business skills. They also introduce students to new and healthy foods -- and get students moving and outside. A hydroponic garden tower was donated by Benita Riesgraf, a Chandler mom, thanks to a grant she received from Changex.org and the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. The program, "Sow It Forward," empowers teachers and students to learn about food growth and the importance of having access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We will have the tower until Thanksgiving, at which time the seedlings will be transplanted into our community garden. Students planted the following plants in the Tower Garden: Sweet Basil, Arugula, Bib Lettuce, Gourmet Lettuce, Black Magic Dino Kale.