Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures 2023-2024

    8:35 AM First Bell - 8:40 AM Tardy Bell Rings


     Effective on March 28th,2023 the front parking lot exit (      symbol on the map)  will be closed to traffic from approximately 3:00pm to 3:15pm.  This will allow safe exit of our buses and students walking home. We encourage parents picking up their students by car to use the car pick up lane.

          Below safety procedures have been in effect and previously communicated out.


    • Students should not be on campus before 8:15 AM, there is no supervision.
    • Please do not use the front parking lot as a drop off/pick up area.  Please use the designated area at the back of campus. School entry gates off Adora Blvd. will close promptly at 8:35 AM.
    • After 8:35, please walk your students into the office and sign them in.  
    • Please do not park or drive in the bus lanes when bringing your child(ren) into the office. Patterson is a bus stop for other schools.  Please use a designated parking space.
    • In the parent drop off/pick up lane:
    • No Passing – please remain in your car.
    • Children exit/enter car on the LEFT SIDE
    • Do not allow students out of car until you reach the Yellow Pole. There is no supervision before this point.
    • Only kindergarteners and their parents are allowed on the basketball courts for dismissal.  Please coordinate meeting older students near the bike rack.
    • Remind your children to stay on the sidewalks only and use crosswalks.
    • After school, the entry gates off Adora Blvd. will close promptly at 3:30 PM and any remaining students will be walked by an adult to the office and must be signed out.
    • Do not allow your children to walk through the parking lot without an adult.
    • Only park in designated marked parking spots.
    • Do not park in disabled spots unless you have a valid disabled tag or license plate and are entitled to use it.


                               Together we can keep our students safe. Thank you.      


    Secure Campus Parent Pick Up and Drop Off Map