All fifth and sixth graders are invited to join the Battle of the Books club.  Our BOB club meets several times a month at lunch time to discuss the books we are reading.  Students read four books each quarter for three quarters.  A competition is held after each intersession break with questions about the four books from the previous quarter.  The  team with the most accumulated points at the end of the third quarter goes on to the District Semi-finals competition.  Students that sign-up must stay on their three-member team for all three quarters.  
    Why join the Battle of the Books Club?
    1. It is fun!  It is free!
    2. It is during lunchtime – club members eat lunch together in the Media Center.
    3. We read GREAT books!!
    4. Anyone and everyone can join – there is no team limit!
    The books can be used for class assignments, book reports, & reading goals!

    Contact Pauline Gray for more information on the Battle of the Books club.

Last Modified on January 31, 2018