Mrs. Lopez's List of Favorites:
    Favorite Colors: Pink, Black, Gold...anything glittery and sparkly :)
    Favorite Candy: Peanut M&M's, Snickers, KitKat or white chocolate
    Favorite Drinks: Cherry Pepsi , Passion Fruit Tea, Starbucks Pink Drink
    Favorite Treat: Frozen Yogurt, Iced Coffee or  Donuts
    Favorite Teams: Phoenix Suns and  AZ Cardinals
    Favorite Animal: Monkey
    Favorite Holiday: I love ALL holidays, but my favorites are Halloween and Christmas!
    Favorite Ways to Relax: watching movies, traveling or shopping
    Favorite Places to Visit: I love to travel and spend time with my family when I'm not teaching.  We usually go back home to Texas to visit our families, but if not, we like to visit any of the Disney Theme Parks, Las Vegas, or anywhere there’s a beach and outlet malls! 
    Favorite Restaurants: Rudy's BBQ, TX Roadhouse, NYPD, Backyard Taco
    Favorite Stores: Target, Nordstrom, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby
    Favorite Teacher Store: Dollar  Tree, Michael's, Hobby Lobby
    Favorite  Children's  Book Authors:  Eric Carle, Laura Numeroff,  Kevin Henkes, Robert Munsch and  David Shannon