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    What Can Parents Do at Home?

    As your child’s first teacher, you have a key role. You can help your child prepare for school and life success. The quantity and quality of time you spend with your child matters. You can do some things to help your child be better prepared for school while having fun.

    * READ everyday. Share your love of books with your child. Research shows there are benefits from reading to your child for 20 minutes a day. Click the link for more information on how reading at home makes a difference.           

    * TALK and LISTEN.
    When you talk and listen with your child, he/she builds language and learns needed skills.

    * WORDS. Use as many words as possible to describe things in your child’s world. The number of words your child knows relates to his/her later reading success. Don’t use ‘baby talk.’ If your child makes mistakes in grammar, repeat the word correctly.

    * RESPECT. Be respectful with your child and others. Your child learns from watching you. Make sure your actions are ones you want your child to repeat.

    * PLAY with your children. Let them see you as a playful person. Remember that play is a child’s work. Children solve problems and learn new skills through play.

    * HELP your child see herself/himself as a capable person. Help build self-esteem by pointing out all the things your child does ‘right.’ Make an effort to look for the good in your child. Help your child see how wonderful she/he is.

    * COOK with your child. Measure, pour, stir, read the recipe, clean up, and eat with your child. Cooking activities are good ways to work small muscles. These muscles are used later to write. Math and science are learned by studying with materials that are fun to use.


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