• SHOW AND TELL  will be on Fridays and is integrated in both English and Mandarin.  If show and tell lands on a Field trip day it could be cancelled because of time limitations. Each child in the class will have the opportunity to share one item.  Encourage your child and practice at home if possible.  Speaking in front of others and Listening are part of the AZ College and Career Readiness Common Core Curriculum. 

    TOYS and GIFTS Please do not send toys or trinkets to school unless it is for an assignment or for Show and Tell.  We also do not exchange or give gifts at school unless there are gifts for all in the classroom.  Please communicate with us beforehand if you plan to send in gifts for your child's classmates.  Thank you.

    BOOK CLUB ORDERS are optional and will be sent home periodically.  We acquire points and receive teaching materials to use in our classroom.  They are a fantastic way to encourage the love of reading. Please visit:   scholastic.com/readingclub.  On-line orders only and our class code for ordering is GQLLT.

    SNACKS/WATER  Please provide a small healthy snack each day for your child and place it in your child's backpack.  Please put the snack in the same place each day and communicate with your child where their snack will be.  Try to choose a simple snack your child can manage.  We will try to keep a few easy snacks on hand in case you forget. If you would like to donate extra snacks or water bottles, that would be helpful. We encourage your child to stay hydrated.  Please send a sport top water bottle labeled with your child's name.  No juice or sport drinks, water only please.  THANK YOU!!

    BACKPACKS Please label with your child’s name and backpacks are needed every day.  Also, the blue Toro folder needs to come with your child each day.  We truly appreciate all the donated supplies.

    HOMEWORK is required in Kindergarten and is a very important part of your child’s success.  I will help you with a DAILY routine.

    1. Warm-up with flashcards and chant charts (letter names, sounds, and words)
    2. Sight word practice routine
    3. Raz-Kids Online reading program
    4. Read (Guided Reading, bedtime story, comics, chapter books, poems.)
    5. Mandarin

    Please keep all practice papers and log in information organized, and put flashcards in a bag or envelope.  A 3-ring binder or special homework folder for organization at home would be fantastic.  

    BIRTHDAYS We enjoy celebrating birthdays!  NO CUPCAKES or CAKES!!!   You can send in a small treat, toy or trinket with your child. Try your best to send the birthday treats with your child the morning, instead of dropping off at the school office.  Sending in a treat is optional.  Blue class has 22 students, Silver class has 21 students.  If your child has a birthday during a break, weekend, or summer, we will still celebrate their special day. Please make arrangements with your child's homeroom teacher.  

    STAR STUDENT  Each week we will be choosing a *Star Student*.  We will be going in reverse alphabetical order so you can get a general idea of when your child's week will be.  Your child will receive the star student bag on Thur., or Fri. Then you will complete a poster with your child and practice speaking about the poster, read a book, and enjoy 2 stuffed animals.  Directions will be inside the bag for *Star Student*.    

    T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More is our class motto. I am very excited about our new Kindergarten “TEAM”!  Please ask any questions you may have and let’s take the TIME to make this a memorable Kindergarten year!!


    Anne Jones

    Attendance 883-4303, e-mail: jones.anne@cusd80.com , voicemail 883-4331, make an appointment, or urgent matters please call our office at 883-4300.