• Mr. Curran's Class Policies



    • Late Work Policy: Late work is worth 60% of the points earned the first week and 50% of the points earned thereafter until the end of the grading quarter.
    • Late Work Passes: Students will be given 3 late passes each quarter per team teacher. The student may use these passes to submit late work (one pass for each assignment). The pass and late assignment must be received together by the next school day or no credit will be given. Students may only use their own passes – not their friends’. Late passes will not be accepted for major projects or certain long-term assignments.


       In the interest of helping students to grow from their mistakes, any student may re-do any assignment in which they receive a low grade for additional credit. This policy does NOT extend to projects which a finished project is the expectation. Please note that this policy only applies to completed homework and classroom assignments in which the student tried their best, but struggled with comprehension. Therefore, the policy does not extend to incomplete or missing assignments.


    • Makeup - Students who are absent on exam day will receive different exams over the same material than those taken in class. The exam will need to be taken during office hours or before school within one week of the original exam.
    • Retakes- Students that receive an undesirable score on a quiz or exam, not including midterms or finals, may retake a different version of the same exam or quiz as many times as they desire for one week following the original test date.

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