• 2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

    6 Traits
    Here's how it all fits together...
    • We use the Journeys program for reading instruction. This is taught whole-group/small group and our focus is on using the Spalding Elements of Writing, as well as Mental Actions to help us comprehend the reading selections.  Tests are usually taken on Thursday, where students are encouraged to use their books to find the answers.  The students will focus on reading comprehension strategies and techniques.
    • We use the Saxon Math program for mathematics instruction. This is a spiral math program, which means that concepts are taught and will be repeatedly seen throughout the year.  This is both a visual program with lessons taught orally in a direct instructional manner, as well as a hands-on program where students will utilize math manipulatives to enhance the learning process.
    • Students will be introduced to many concepts, including but not limited to parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, types of sentences, and letter formatting.
    • We use the Write From the Beginning and 6-Traits for our writing instruction. The Write From the Beginning program focuses on teaching students to add details to their writing and to learn to use Thinking Maps to plan and guide their writing. Students will also have lessons on the 6-Traits of writing including focus on; Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions.  By the end of 2nd grade students will have learned how to write a solid paragraph, book reports, research papers, and friendly letters. 
    • All of our Traditional Academies utilize the Spalding Education program for our language arts instruction. The Spalding program encompasses all of the elements of language by integrating spelling, writing, and reading lessons.  Students are instructed in phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, text structure, and reading comprehension.  Visit the Spalding Education website for additional information and resources.
    Social Studies:
    • The district has provided us with books that address all standards. 
    • We use the Harcourt Science program for our Science Curriculum.  In addition, we use teacher-created units to supplement lessons. 

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Last Modified on July 21, 2020