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    Saxon Math
    In second grade, we teach math accelerated one year, so second graders are working on third grade skills and concepts. In our CTA Program at Patterson, we use the Saxon math program. Each day in class, the math lesson is divided into four sections:
    1. The math meeting is a review of basic skills like patterning, money, time, word problems, and problem solving.  
    2. After the meeting is the daily lesson.  This is where the new concept or objective is introduced.  The lesson includes group and individual practice of the new skill. 
    3. The guided class practice is where the student practices the new concept of the day , as well as the spiral review of recent concepts.
    4. Homework is then the last piece of the puzzle for the day for math.  The student will practice the new concept that was learned for the day.
    We cover a wide range of topics in the second grade year. We begin with a review of material covered in first grade, but we really take off from there.  By the end of second grade, we will have covered multiplication/division facts, fractions and decimals, counting money,long division, and a variety of word problems. This is an exciting year for your student in math!  
    Math Facts
    Given the number of topics that we cover in math in 2nd grade, it is so important that the students develop speed and automaticity in their math facts (addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division). Math fact practice is a part of their daily classwork, as well as the nightly homework, but extra practice is encouraged.  Flash cards are wonderful.  
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