• homework
    The CUSD policy for Kindergarten homework is 10 minutes per night.  Each month I will send home a reading log.  Please read with your child each night and write down the book titles on the reading log.  Return the reading log at the end of the month and your child will receive a pass to go to Mrs. Weyenberg's office and pick out a pencil. 
    In the second semester I will also send home a monthly homework calendar.  On the homework calendar you will find daily activities that are based on our academic standards.  These activities are designed to be adjusted to meet your child's specific academic needs.  Be creative and feel free to modify/adjust the activities in order to challenge your child.  Just initial the calendar each night and return it at the end of the month.
    Please remember that the monthly reading log and homework calendar are required homework.  I will keep track as your child completes the assignments so be sure to  keep it in their daily folder and I will check every Friday.