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Position: 1st Grade
Room: B4
Phone: 480-224-3234
Email: Lober

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Welcome to First Grade! I am so excited to be teaching at Ryan this year. I have such a passion for kids and I cannot wait to help them learn and grow this year! Go Ryan ROYALS!

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is to create a safe place for all of my students to learn in their own unique way. I believe that all students can learn and should have the opportunity to grow while figuring out what works best. Only positive learning experiences will come out of my classroom no matter if the learning came from a success or a mistake. Learning is done through all things in life and I firmly believe that to be true inside the classroom as well. The environment for my students will be open and welcoming for all. Now let's work together to make this a fantastic year in first grade!!

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