• Flag Troop emblem
    Welcome to the Headquarters of the Royals Flag Troop!

    The Ryan Elementary School Royals Flag Troop has the honor of raising and lowering the school's American and Arizona flags every school day. In performing these tasks, our troop members practice traditions that  have existed since the American Revolution.

    Our troop members come from the 5th and 6th grades. When they perform their duties, they do so with pride and respect. They know our flags honor all those who've served and all those who continue to serve our nation, our state and our communities. 

    Serving our school in this role is a great way for kids to practice responsibility, engage in positive behavior and learn about service to their community. Behaviors that will benefit them for a lifetime.

    Ryan flags
    Troop members fold the fllag during the afternoon Retreat ceremony. R. Calahate.