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Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Room: K2
Phone: (480)224-3226
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Welcome! I am excited and absolutely thrilled to be part of the important stepping stones for the rest of your child's educational journey! There is so much learning and growth to be done and relationships to build during this key developmental year and I am looking forward to tackling Kindergarten together!

My Education and Professional Background

I am native to Arizona and a product of CUSD schools myself. I earned my bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University in the spring of 2021 and will be entering my first year teaching this year. I am excited that your child and I can take on our first year of school together!

My Educational Philosophy

One of the most important things for me to accomplish as a teacher is to get children truly EXCITED to learn. I want to ignite a fire and love for learning in my classroom-- as I love to learn, myself-- and allow this mindset to create a safe and inviting environment for making mistakes and continuing to get back up when you're down. My students will be held to high expectations and we will work closely together to create personal goals and strive to achieve them.

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