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Subject / Grade Sixth Grade
Room: 29
Phone: (480) 224-3200
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"I feel that we read to learn new things, absolutely, but more often than not, what we really get out of the good books we read is self-recognition. We read and discover stuff about life that we already knew, except that we didn't know we knew it until we read it in a particular book. And this self-recognition, this discovering ourselves in the writings of others can be very exciting, can make us feel a little less isolated inside our own thing and a little more connected to the larger world."
-- Richard Price

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Welcome to sixth grade at Ryan Elementary!

My Education and Professional Background

I have taught for 26 years. I have a Masters in Human Relations, ELA Middle School Endorsement, Reading Specialist Certificate, and am currently working on my Math Middle School Endorsement.

My Educational Philosophy

Sixth grade is an opportunity for students to grow and fine tune their academic skills. They are eager and willing to learn and this is a constant expectation in our classroom. Students will be asked to be respectful, kind, and to work hard.I believe all children learn best in a structured, nurturing, and comfortable environment. My goal is to help build this type of classroom through regular routine, explicit instruction, and opportunities to support one another both academically and socially. Although my expectations for quality of work and learning outcomes remain high, we will maintain a sense of humor and create a fun learning environment for everyone.

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