Ryan C.A.T.S. Overview

  • As a satellite campus for the CATS (Chandler Academically Talented Students) program, it is important to us that our students have the opportunity to interact with a variety of learners on our campus.  We put a strong emphasis on the social/emotional needs of our students but also strive to challenge our students academically. Our program focuses on the following elements:

    • Acceleration- Students learn at a grade level above in Language Arts and Math.  They tend to learn things at a faster pace and go more in depth to the various topics.
    • Rigor- Students use critical thinking and discussion to help with their learning. Additionally, they use Thinking Maps to organize their learning. Kaplan’s Icons are also used to help increase the depth and complexity of their learning.
    • Creativity- Students are encouraged to have “out of the box” thinking.
    • Choice- Students are often given choice in assignments/homework.  They do project-based learning to focus on relevant issues that are important to them.
    • Social Emotional- Teachers put a major emphasis on the social/emotional aspect of each child, knowing that it is quite often what these students need the most to be successful in both academics and in social situations.

    If you would like more information about the CATS program in general, please follow the link to our district Gifted page:    Gifted (C.A.T.S) / Gifted Overview