•  About Art Masterpiece

                   Welcome to the Ryan Elementary Art Masterpiece Program!

    The Art Masterpiece program is a wonderful way for students to be exposed to art. Through art literacy, they will create their own masterpieces based on the work of the artist being showcased in the lesson for that day. "Art Guides" are parent volunteers that help assist the students through the steps to create their own art. Elements of art and principals of design are presented to the students in a lesson to teach them fun ways to express themselves. The hour-long lessons are exciting and easy to understand. 

    Art education is important because it helps the students with motor skills, increases self-confidence and develop problem solving skills. Art is also important for self-expression, and it helps the students recognize the individuality of each other. 

    Rebecca Jackson and Lindsay Lange are the coordinators for Ryan Elementary. Please reach out to volunteer or with questions at ryanartmasterpieceprogram@gmail.com.  


    How to Study a Painting

    Volunteer Code of Ethics