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    Position: Band

    Room: Band Room

    Phone: 480-224-3212

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    Welcome to Band! I teach at Riggs, Ryan, Bologna and Hancock. I am so excited that your child chose to learn an instrument. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences. I hope your child enjoys learning their instrument as much as I enjoy teaching it. I thank you for supporting your child with this endeavor. Please feel free to email me(name/school) with ANY questions or concerns you may have and anything else you feel I should know about your child to make this experience most enjoyable.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I received my music education degree in 1995 from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago. My main instruments are flute and oboe but I learned to play ALL instruments in college, including strings. I have taught many areas and levels of music from grades k-12 such as general music, choir, and concert band as well as marching band and jazz band. I have been teaching with Chandler Unified School District since 2006 and have taught at almost a dozen district schools including Basha High. I attended graduate school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Beyond the classroom, I'm a private lesson instructor, a freelance musician and a colorguard tech for the WGAZ circuit.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Music is a universal language, 'the language of emotions'. For children, music has many benefits. It boosts their brain power and improves their memory. Music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas It teaches them confidence, patience, coordination and socialization. Music can be a much needed connection for kids in ways that other things will not allow. It teaches discipline, fosters creativity and is a great form of expression. Music is Math, langUage, hiStory, readIng, sCience! All of which is food for the mind, body, and soul!