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    Ryan Elementary

    Hello, and welcome to Physical Education at Ryan Elementary! My name is David Angell and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to educate your child on the importance of physical activity. I graduated from Arizona State University and am currently in my 18th year of teaching physical education. My family consists of my beautiful wife Debbie and my son Shaun, who will be a 9th grader at Basha this year.  Ryan Elementary is a great school and I am very excited and blessed to be the P.E. teacher.  We have such amazing leadership, staff and parents.
     Check your teacher's newsletter each week to see when your child's next P.E. class will be. Please know your child's P.E. days and make sure they are dressed appropriately for activity. This would include wearing proper shoes (no flip flops, sandals or high heeled shoes please).  If your child is wearing a dress or skirt, please make sure they are wearing shorts underneath.  If your child is not dressed appropriately they may have to sit out of P.E. class.  If they have to sit repeatedly, it will affect their participation grade in P.E.. They only get P.E. for 30 minutes every third day, so please help your child with this responsibility if needed. 

    Your child will have P.E. every third day throughout the year.
    Your child will participate in developmentally appropriate activities and will learn various fitness concepts as it relates to physical education. I will introduce various locomotor movements, fitness activities and games that will help your child to better understand the importance of lifelong physical activity and will help in your child's overall development. I look forward to working with all students and am grateful that I can play a small role in helping to develop your child.
    David Angell
    Physical Educator
    Ryan Elementary

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